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Yes I Did It My Way - Marketing Strategy - Basic Concept.

Like the old Frankie said, "I did it my way"
I just wanna live while I'm alive...
I say the things I truly feel.. 
And not the one of those who kneels..
The record shows I took the blows and did it my way. 

Marketing Strategy - Basic Concept

I've spent 3 years in my life doing marketing in xxx University (Name is for private use only.)  
I have found that, even tho most of my lecturers were damn smart, they can't explain things effectively. 
They often use a high-tech vocab and theory which at times I found very hard to understand. 
On the other hand, marketing is all about communication. 
If they can't communicate it the easiest way possible, it's gonna make our life difficult.. isn't it?
Now I'm doing my own business, and damn it.. business nowadays is all about marketing and promotion. 
So I guess, it's very important that we get a strong solid understanding about the basic of marketing. 
So here I come, with Lecture one, to help you guys with a ready-to-use marketing knowledge.
I may not have any permit to teach or to give a lecture, but certainly, I can communicate it to you in the most simplest and entertaining w`y possible. Please enjoy.

In today's world, business is like a battle field. 
No doubt, to win the battle we need a good marketing strategy.
Marketing is different to selling things. 
It's all about communication. 
It's how you strike the mind of the market, so they would think that your product is the best, and so they would come to your place and spend their money and give you profits. 
How? Let me explain it to you.

The rules are simple. Create curiosities, be unique, be sexy and a strategic location.

1. Create Curiosities.
This is to make people wondering, fantasizing and curious about your product. 
It’s important to give the right amounts of information. 
Not too much but not too little. 
If you give too much information, consumers will just lose their interests towards your product, and you don’t want this. 
On the other hand, if you give too little of an info, they will not know what your product is, and they won’t even be bothered to find out. 
An example will explain this situation perfectly.

Why women’s breasts are way more interesting than men’s?  
Why a conversation about women’s breasts will create more enthusiasm than men’s chests?  
The answer is not about the shape or what so ever.
It’s simply because we’re being curious, because the information given there is just enough to make you imagine, and you will not know exactly about the details till you really see it.  
To see men’s chests and to find information about it are so easy.  
Just go to the local swimming pool in your area, and you’ll find topless men everywhere.  
Meaning, men’s chests are everywhere. (Too much info)  
We can’t get curious on things explained in details.  
While the women’s breasts at a local swimming pool, are covered 80% only, and this makes us excited. We want to find out more. 

A girl wearing a white tight 2 pieces bikini at your local swimming pool will be more exciting to see than a topless woman at a nude beach.  
It is because in such places, women’s breasts are everywhere. (Too much info) 
But be careful of giving too little information. 
To see the same girl (The girl that wears white tight 2 pieces bikini) in a full thick uniform, or in Muslim’s dress, won’t get you as curious. 
In fact, you won’t even think of anything. 
This is the art of psychological marketing.

2. Be Unique. 
It’s simple. Be different from the rest, don’t be a follower. 
This is to create consumer-awareness. 
So that consumers will notice the existence of your product. 
Again, this is the art of psychological marketing. 
I will give a little example.

As mentioned above, a girl wearing a white tight 2 pieces bikini at your local swimming pool will be more excited to see than a topless woman at a nude beach.  
It’s because she is unique. While the rest was wearing a normal swimming gear, she is being unique by wearing a white tight 2 pieces bikini. 
Definitely all the attention will go to her. 
While to see a pair of breast in a parade of breasts at a nude beach won’t strike anything.  
We won’t even notice the differenbe between all those breasts because there’s nothing special about it. 
So.. Be unique! 
3. Be Sexy.
It can be argued that, today’s world of marketing is mostly about girls. 
The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) isn’t about the product. 
But in fact, “Is the girl there pretty? Do you have her number?” And so on.
Of course, these strategies will likely to success if the consumers are men.  
But believe it or not, men are trouble for us in the marketing world.  
Why? Remember, men usually buy things only when they really need the items.  
Women are the exact opposite. Women are best consumers. They buy things they don’t need.  
So it’s our job, to turn men into women in terms of buying-behavior.  
How? We can do it by striking their emotions and egos using beauty power.  
Let me tell you, a very pretty sexy girl (She must be attractive and knows how to talk.) has the ability to make an offer men can’t refuse.  
Not seeing things negatively, but if it crosses your mind it’s difficult to find such girls, let me tell you. They are everywhere. 
 All you need to do is to open your eyes, find them, and make use of your resources.

4. Strategic Location. 
Simple, who get the best places first will have a higher chance to win the battle. 
May be some of you never realized that, a location may change your perception towards something. 
A wonderful item being put in a bad location will at times be seen uglier than an average item being put in a strategic location. 
You don’t believe me? Again, example would explain the best.

I will discuss about a women breast once again.  
Why is it good? What so good about it?  
Most of you will say it’s the shape. 
Okay. Now, close your eyes and imagine.  
Imagine that exact same breast that you say has a good shape, being put rite there on the forehead.  
Is it still as good? 
If you say it would be still as good.. look.. and think again!!
Or if that breast is put right on the knee... 
It is also won’t be as good, isn’t it?  
It will turns out to be disgusting. 
Why? Isn’t that the exact same thing? 
It’s just being put on a different location. 
I guess it is clear that, location plays a big role on your business. 
It can be a decisive factor about the success level of your business.

---- End ----

Some people would find it useful, some would find it funny, some would say it is absurd!!! 
The choice is yours! 
I tried to explain it my way; the most effective, entertaining, fun and simplest way possible.  
Again, I may not have any permit to teach or to give a lecture, but certainly, I can communicate it to you in the best way possible. 

Yes.. it was my way...

Thank you for reading.

Reilly Prabowo.

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